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25 Branding Templates + 50 LOGOS

Fully Editable with a FREE Canva Account

$25 For Everything


All you need is a FREE CANVA Account

  • These brand board and logo templates are ideal for bloggers, designers, photographers, interior designers, virtual assistants, wedding planners, and anyone who wants to share or maintain a brand online. Present your new logo design in style or use as a reference for team members and contractors you may work with to keep your brand consistent and give them everything they need quickly to work on your materials!

  • These templates are perfect for businesses looking to create a cohesive look to their branding. They are FULLY Editable so you can easily add in your own brand colors, modify the logos, change the fonts and photos and see the cohesiveness in one clear place. A professional presentation is just a few clicks away.

  • You can edit these templates on the FREE account through Canva. All the fonts and images used are free to use.

  • Each template has 2 Logo variations done for you as well. Once you purchase the collection, you will be emailed instructions on how to access the templates and start designing. You will need basic knowledge of Canva to use the templates, but if you are a newbie there are numerous helpful resources and videos that you can learn from on YouTube. It is also best to edit the templates on your computer rather than your phone (Although I have had clients edit them on their phone as well).

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