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About Me

I am a Graphic Designer by profession and a Creative Virtual Assistant. I have 10+ years experience in print/web/digital design, business management, and social media marketing/advertising.

I am passionate about what I do and willing to go over and above for my clients. In short: Whether you need something created, tweaked, reworked, sourced or managed I can probably help. Simply contact me to learn more about the services that I offer

and the ways in which I can help your business succeed.  

The Process

Most jobs go something like this:  You contact me about your project needs and we talk it over briefly. Once I get an idea about the direction you want to go I send you a questionnaire tailored to address your requirements. From there I come up with an estimate (Unless you prefer a package deal) and If all is to your liking we get started on the "work" bit. 

I am based in Idaho but work with clients from all over, so we can correspond in person (if you are local, and would prefer that) , via zoom, over the phone or by email.  It really is a pretty simple process, so don't delay and give me a holler today so we can get started. 

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